A big welcome to this new and exciting website celebrating and highlighting songs and tunes from the South Downs.

The original idea for this website came from the organisers of the popular Southdowns Folk Festival held each September in Bognor Regis.  They wanted to incorporate the theme of ‘South Downs Celebrations’ in the form of Music and dance originating from the National Park area into the 2018 Festival. After various meetings with the really helpful Park Authority officers, the idea of this new website was born.  A ‘seedcorn’ grant from SDNPA of £1000 has helped to get the new website off the ground and operating.

The website is designed to be as inter-active as possible, so that a myriad of users can access information as easily as possible as well as contributing feedback and any new materials which others can then use.

A wide variety of groups and organisations are providing musical materials and links on the site, and particular thanks go to South Downs Folk Folk Singers, Cecil Sharp House, English Folk Dance & Song Society, the Copper Family and several others.  We are very grateful for your input.

Finally, the South Downs Music site will be continually evolving and developing, and your input, feedback and suggestions will be key to the ongoing success of the whole project.

Roger Nash ( 11.03.19 )

Welcome to the South Downs Music website; a platform enabling users to access folk songs from, and sung in, the Sussex area.

Please note: this website is a resource open to everyone, but if you download songs and material from this site and then perform these in public, you will need to be covered for PRS.

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