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These songs represent just a small number of the very many folk songs that have been collected and are sung, in different variations, in the Downs and all over the country. The recordings are simple, unembellished examples of the tunes, offered here to give the listener an understanding of the basic melody and make them easily accessible to those who don’t read music. There are many other versions to be found in books and on the internet for those who wish to explore the songs further.

With many thanks to Emily Longhurst and Alan Wheeler for all their support and creativity when creating the songs and lyrics for this website. 



Love Songs

Musings on Life

War & Conflict

Drinking Songs

Dance Tunes



 Enjoy, and participate in, the musical heritage of the area

The songs provided are for enjoyment and learning purposes. Please note that these versions are not definitive; there are so many wonderful versions 'out there'. Please share your versions with us...

Welcome to the South Downs Music website; a platform enabling users to access folk songs from, and sung in, the Sussex area.

Please note: this website is a resource open to everyone, but if you download songs and material from this site and then perform these in public, you will need to be covered for PRS.

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